There is an appropriate type of fraud investigation applicable for each fraudulent case. Knowing about these types of investigation should be able to help you identify which one is applicable to your situation.

Every year the anti-fraud government agencies from all over the world, receive thousands of reports and complaints about the different fraudulent schemes online. Millions of dollars-worth of losses are incurred by thousands of victims. Despite the continuous effort of the government to assist the victims, the amount of losses and the number of victims are continuously increasing through the years.

To give you an idea, here is a list of the types of fraud investigation:

  • Identity Theft Investigation

Identity theft is a form of online fraud orchestrated by scammers to steal money from their victims. This fraud is initiated by illegally obtaining a copy of the victim’s financial information. This includes bank online access or credit card details. Using this stolen information, the scammer will start placing purchases or online money transfers without the knowledge of the victim.

This type of fraud investigation is usually conducted by financial institutions or card issuer. In some cases, even the Federal Bureau works with the local authorities to conduct an investigation.

  • Insurance Investigation

There are various types of insurance fraud. Some samples of investigations launched under this category include false claims on vehicle insurance, and disability insurance. People can be creative when it comes to fabricating stories just so they can get money from insurance companies. This is the reason why most of these companies actually have their own in-house fraud investigators. These investigators are dispatched by insurance companies to confirm if the claims of the beneficiary are true and if they are indeed qualified to get a benefit. The in-house investigators coordinate any fraudulent activities through the local police. The local police conduct its own investigation and may recommend the company to file a case against the fraudulent beneficiary.

  • False Advertising Investigation

False advertisement investigation is another type of fraud investigation. This type of investigation is usually launched against companies who use misleading marketing campaigns or false promises and claims so they can lure people into buying their product. These false claims may even harm the buyers, especially weight loss products that do not fully disclose possible side effects. Investigation against this type of fraudulent scheme is usually conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, FTC along with the local authorities. Once enough evidence has been gathered against the culprit, victims may opt to take part in a class action lawsuit.

The details discussed above are just some of the many types of investigation conducted by various government agencies. With the continuously growing number of fraudulent victims, it is important that you also do your part in combatting this problem. Providing relevant information or actively participating in fraud investigation helps increase the success rate of the investigation. It gives the authorities necessary information and evidence that can help them file a lawsuit against the offender.