There are various forms of online scams that are causing thousands of people to lose money. Most people, who become victims of online frauds do not have any idea what kind of online scam hit them and how it was able to attack them. Not having enough knowledge on how online scams can affect you puts you in a vulnerable position, making you an easy target.

The only way that you can protect yourself from the countless online scams is to learn about them. Learning about the various online schemes gives you the power to make informed decisions either by avoiding them, or by creating protective security that can keep these online fraudsters from causing you any damage.

A List of Top Online Scams

  • Phishing Scams

Online scammers use this scam to harvest your login information. Phishing scams find their way to your computer through social network messaging or via email. Phishing emails pose themselves as an official correspondence from a financial institution or establishment. This email contains a link that will lead you to a clone site, requiring you to provide your login information. And just like that, the scammer now has your login details. The scammer may use this information to transfer money or use your account for the other dubious gain.

  • Lottery Scams

This scam comes to you via email. The letter contains a legit looking form, congratulating you for winning a huge sum of money from the lottery. However, in order to claim the money some processing fees need to be settled.  Payables will continue to pile up, as long as you’re willing pay. Many people are tricked into sending large amounts of money because of the promise that they’ll get a bigger amount in exchange. You will soon realize that this is all for nothing, because as soon as you stop sending money, they’ll also stop all communications.

  • Hitman Scams

This is one of the top online scams that causes a lot of people to panic. Cyber criminals may send this scam your way via text or email. The text usually contains information on how one of your enemies hired them to kill you. The killer will inform you that because he is only in it  for the money and have nothing against you, he decided not to kill you in exchange for a specific amount. The letter will contain the details of how you can send them the payment along with the warning that the deal is off,if you contact the authorities. Of course, these are nothing, but empty threats. People, who were not familiar with this online scam were often tricked into sending money.

  • Dating Scams

Online scams on dating have been causing major losses to people in various countries. The aim of this scam is to prey on the lonely, who are seeking companionship through online dating. The scammer will first create a bond with their victim online relationship. After some time they will start asking for money by creating stories of health emergencies or family problems. The trusting victim will then send money and as long as the money keeps coming in the scammer will continue with the fake relationship. Once the victims run out of resources the relationship will also cease to exist.

Being a victim of an online scam is both traumatizing and emotionally exhausting. This is the reason, why you should take all the extra precautionary methods that you can utilize in order to protect yourself from these online scams.