The number of Internet fraud victims on online dating sites has dramatically increased, as the popularity of these dating platform grows. This is the reason, why authorities are advising everyone to take the necessary precaution before jumping into online dating.

Clearly online dating is one of the most convenient ways to meet new people. However, if you’re not careful the pros of this platform can be easily outweighed by its cons. To ensure that this does not happen, you must do your homework. Learning some useful tips about online dating will not only save you from possible heartache, but can also protect you from going through the tedious process of being scammed.

Tips to Keep You Safe from Online Dating Internet Fraud:

  • Look for Legitimate Online Dating Sites

Getting access to legitimate dating sites means less exposure to unwanted Internet fraud elements. Finding a legit dating site should be easy. Reading reviews and comments about your target dating sites from former and current members can give you an overview regarding the prevailing ambiance and culture among the members. To get an unbiased opinion, you may also read dating site reviews from third party providers.

  • Look for a Local Relationship

Pursuing an online dating relationship that is geographically feasible lessens your risk of becoming an Internet fraud victim. Fraudsters usually prefer victims from overseas or outside their location. This makes it easier for them to lie, avoid personal meetings, and evade legal responsibilities for their malicious schemes.

  • Observe Consistency

Online dating scammers are liars, so one way or another, you are bound to discover inconsistencies in their stories. This includes lying about their location, age, education, occupation and financial status. Researching the information of the person you wish to pursue online, such as on Facebook and other social network media, will show whether he is consistent with the information he is providing. You may also use their photo to search them online. There are certain websites online like which allows you to search a photo and find out where else online is the photo posted.   Remember to do this before you start any forms of communication so your judgement won’t be affected by any biases.

  • Don’t Reveal Too Much

Refrain from providing too much information. Internet fraud criminals tend to ask leading questions to confirm if you are worth scamming. The less information you give them the bolder they become in asking questions pertaining to your financial capacity. This should be a key indicator to step away from this person.

  • Keep Yourself Updated

Learn about the most recent happenings on the dating site you frequently visit. Check out updates and latest news regarding the things you need to look out for, such as new dating scams.

These tips are just some of the things you can implement to secure yourself from online dating scammers. According to many online dating members, aside from following safety measures in online dating, following your instincts or gut feeling also helps in keeping you away from Internet fraud criminals.