Scammers think of new ways to victimize users worldwide. That’s because cyber security development groups around the world are also creating new solutions against their Web crimes. One effective solution is to report scam emails and online extortion fraud. After all, this is a huge part in the fraudulent schemes of criminal syndicates to lure unsuspecting users into their traps.

There’s a bigger chance to successfully reduce these Web crimes when more people begin to report email scams and extortion schemes. Other public and private organizations also try to help out as best as they can. That’s why the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues to warn American users about the different variants of online fraud. ActionFraud, the UK’s national online crime reporting center, also continues to send out announcements and alerts to users in the UK regarding the latest fraudulent schemes on the Internet.

Your participation can greatly contribute to this objective. However, many users don’t choose to report scam emails and Web crimes. That’s because some of them feel vulnerable to more serious attacks when they report scammers, while most of them think this will require a lot of their time and energy.

Even users who lose a lot of money from these online scams don’t report scam emails and extortion schemes. They think doing this won’t help them recover their financial losses. Well, they’re dead wrong!

Yes – Chances are, you’d be able to recover your money when you report scam emails and online extortion fraud. If you used your credit or debit cards to send money online to these scammers, then all you need to do is report the incident to the financial institution that issued your cards. They’ll assist you in filing for a chargeback. This is where the relevant financial institution investigates the incident, recovers the stolen money from the payment processor that was used by the scammer, and credits the money back to your cards. These criminals will soon lose their ability to accept credit or debit card payments, especially when more victims report scam emails and fraudulent schemes that are operated by the same scammers.

You can do the same steps if you used your bank account to wire money to these criminal syndicates. However, if you used other ways to send money to these scammers, then here are your options:

Other Options to Report Scam Emails & Extortion Schemes

  1. Contact the service provider that you used to send money to these scammers. These providers are mostly cash remittance platforms, e-wallet sites, mobile payment account providers and so on. Just make it a point to include as much detail as possible when you report scam emails and extortion schemes that you fell for and caused you to lose money.
  1. Contact your local anti-cybercrime authorities and organizations. They can investigate your situation and come up with the best options for you to recover your money. The main reason why these groups try to convince users to report scam emails and extortion schemes on the Web is for others to avoid these online scams. However, they of course also try to help users who have already been victimized by these scammers.

You can safely and quickly recover your money if you follow these tips. Also inform your family and friends about these options and the main reasons why they must report scam emails and extortion schemes when they encounter these Web crimes. Share this post with them, so they can also inform others in their own professional and personal networks.