The latest online dating scams and other Web crimes pose more serious risks to users than just financial losses. Many of these sophisticated extortion scams often result in identity theft, which leads to further dangerous risks for victims. This is why it’s important to avoid these Web crimes altogether. By doing this, you also avoid situations where you need to take the right fraud action just to clear your name and get out of legal trouble.

When Do You Need to Take Legal Fraud Action Against Scammers?

  1. Many criminal syndicates operate online extortion schemes to trick users into giving away their personal details and financial information. They do these tactics not just to steal the money of these unsuspecting victims. A lot of these scammers use these stolen details to purchase prohibited products from the Deep Web under the user’s name. These include illegal porn, firearms, drugs and other items. When authorities begin to investigate, users are often left holding the bag, thereby requiring them to file legal fraud action against these scammers just to clear their names and avoid being charged of associated felonies.
  1. Other scammers deceive users into unknowingly participating in their money laundering and stolen product fencing operations. They convince unsuspecting users in going on a business venture with them, or in receiving products on their behalf. These tactics are normally done in online dating sites and other Web communities where these criminals pose as users of these online platforms. What these scams result to are usually situations where victims need to take legal fraud action just to fix their ruined credit scores or to clear their names from any wrongdoing.

These criminals trick users into registering online businesses in their country. These fraudsters then convince these users to apply for merchant accounts that will be used in these fake ventures. What these scammers do is use these merchant accounts to cash out from stolen credit cards. Because these merchant accounts and businesses are under the user’s name – The user ends up with a ruined credit score that can take several years to fix, unless the appropriate legal fraud action can be taken against these scammers.

Some of these fraudsters also convince users into unknowingly participating in their product fencing operations. Victims are asked to receive products on the behalf of these criminals, who usually pose as legitimate users of online dating platforms and social communities. These products are bought using stolen credit cards and hacked bank accounts. This means victims are used by these fraudsters as safety drop-off points for these stolen products. When your local authorities start investigating these illegal activities, you can be accused of operating illegal product fencing operations and using stolen credit cards to purchase products from the Web. Your only option at this point would be to file legal fraud action against these criminals just to possibly exonerate you from these illegal activities.

By trying your best to avoid these online scams, you won’t need to exhaust your resources to take legal fraud action against these criminal syndicates just to clear your name and fix your ruined credit score. Inform your family and friends about the associated risks of falling for the most prevalent Web scams today, so they can learn about the more serious threats that these fraudulent schemes on the Internet pose against their safety and security. Share this with them, so they can also educate their peers about these things and help them avoid the trouble involved in taking legal fraud action against online scammers.