Online money scams are a big problem in Australia. Every year various online frauds are causing Australians to lose millions of dollars. According to reports these losses continue to add up as more Australians become victim to these malicious online activities. This is the reason why the Australian government had taken the initiative to set up various government agencies that can help address this concern. Here is how you can report online money scams in Australia;

Where and How to Report Online Money Scams in Australia

The primary forms of online money scams in Australia are no different from the ones used by cyber criminals all over the world. This includes;

Dating Scams – online scams that are initiated by establishing a romantic relationship with their victim and then later asking for money by appealing to their emotional attachments.

Investment Scams – forms of money scams that lure victims through false “get rich overnight” schemes. Scammers use this scheme to attract potential victims to place a modest amount of investment in exchange for a huge return.

Lottery Scams – this is another form of money scam that uses lottery winnings as an excuse to get money from their victims. Scammers disguised as a lottery representative, claiming you won millions of dollars. However, before you can get the winnings you are required to pay certain fees.

These are the major forms of online money scams used in Australia. Victims of these kinds of online fraud are encouraged to file a report through;


ACORN or the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network is the primary national policing online systems established by the Australian government to enable its citizens to safely report different forms of cybercrime. The agency is also in charge of educating the public on how they can protect themselves against various forms of online attacks.

ACORN accepts different forms of cybercrime incident reports. However, in case you feel that there is an immediate threat regarding your safety due to these malicious attacks, then you are advised to dial 000 first prior to reporting at ACORN.

Filing the Report

To make a cybercrime report, you need to go on ACORN’s website. Select the report section. You may start the process of reporting the incident through the guided screen provided by ACORN. You are to provide as much information as you can regarding the incident or the offense committed by the scammer. The form will also require you to provide your information as the victim. You may also provide names regarding the people you suspect is behind the incident. The method used to commit the crime and the amount of losses you incurred due to the incident should also be a part of your report.

Note that when filing a report, you don’t have to divulge any of your financial information. You’ll be required to complete the reporting session in one go, so be sure you have all the information that you need once you start the report session.

After the Report

Once you are done filling the report, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The email contains the reference number of your report issued by ACORN. You have to understand that not all incidents of online money scams reported on ACORN are automatically investigated. Some of these reports go to a database used by different law enforcement agencies, and are used as reference for combatting online malicious schemes utilized to attack Australians.

The information provided above is one of the many initiatives launched in Australia to assist it citizens with the growing problem of online money scams.