Dating scams are run by criminal syndicates and individual scammers worldwide. They usually target women aged 40 and above in the UK and the USA. Most of these scammers target the divorced, separated or single,while others target married women.

The purpose of some fraudsters for these dating scams is to find unsuspecting victims, who will unknowingly take part in their money laundering schemes. This is when these criminal syndicates try to deceive victims into cashing checks for them. The fraudsters will also convince their targets to apply for merchant accounts, which will be used to charge stolen credit cards.

Some individual scammers run online dating scams to simply extort money from unknowing users. They tell their victims all types of sob stories, explaining to them in great detail, how they can help by sending some cash.

Other criminal syndicates extort funds from their married victims by threatening to post their intimate conversations all over the Web. They also threaten to send logs and screenshots of romantic messages to the victim’s spouses, family and friends.

Some of these fraudulent dating schemes are done to find unknowing participants for stolen product fencing operations. This is when scammers convince their targets to receive and ship products back. These products are usually bought by using stolen credit cards or stolen y other means.

Now, many female users in the UK, who hang out on popular dating sites and apps have reported such online dating scams. These fraud cases are steadily growing in number, according to some analysts. Here’s how to report fraudulent dating schemes to the authorities in the UK:

How to Report Online Dating Scams in the UK

Action Fraud is the place where you can report online dating scams. It is the national online crime center of the UK. You can go to their website at Action Fraud.Police.UK.

They have email support agents, who can assist you in your dating scam reports. You can also get the updated phone support numbers of Action Fraud from their website. When reporting an online dating scam, you can ask for anonymity by simply telling Action Fraud that you want your private details and personal information to be kept anonymous and confidential.

If these scammers managed to con you out of your money, you should contact your bank or financial institution. Chances are, you might have used your credit card or a bank wire to send money to these fraudsters. You can contact your bank and tell them about these online dating scams. Then, you can tell them about the transactions you made and ask, if these can be reversed. Most of the time, as long as you didn’t send cash via money remittance services, you’ll be able to recover some.

By reporting online dating scams, you can stop the fraudsters, who scammed you and put an end to their online crime spree. You can also prevent others from becoming victims of the same scammers. You should share your experience with your family and friends, so they can spot and avoid these fraudulent online dating schemes, as well.