There are several kinds of fraud alerts out there, but you need to undergo similar processes to get them. Depending on your situation, the credit reporting agencies will give you the privilege to get free alerts. That is, if you can provide proof of your identity. There are fraud alerts intended for fraud victims and there are also alerts that are meant for people, who suspect that they might soon become victims of identity theft. However, not everyone, who claims to suspect that they are going to be victims of fraud can be granted this privilege. You need to provide an appropriate reason, why you want to enable the alerts on your credit report. If you don’t have one, you will not get the alerts that you want.

Getting Various Fraud Alerts

For every type of fraud, there is a corresponding fraud alert are necessary, if you think that you are susceptible to fraud. Here are the some tips, on how you can get these services today:

  1. Initial Fraud Alerts

This is the hardest fraud alert to get these days. Because, this kind of fraud alert is meant for people, who have not been victims of fraud, but are worried they might soon have to deal with it. Not everybody can claim this alert for free. Only those, who can present valid proof of identification and an objective reason behind the request, will be granted with this service. The Initial Alerts will last for only 90 days, but is renewable. In case the 90-day period has passed and you want to renew the alerts, you have to present a valid reason again, why you want to continue placing alerts on your credit report.

  1. Extended Fraud Alerts

This type of fraud alerts is best for those of you, who became victims of fraud recently. However, there are certain documents that you need to present to the national credit reporting agencies to get them installed. These documents include valid proof of identification and a certified copy of the fraud report you made to the authorities. This is to ensure that you have the right to claim this free service. The Extended Fraud Alert will run for 7 years. This means that in the next 7 years, when creditors pull out your credit report, they need to perform an extra verification process, as part of tighter security on your account. By enabling this feature, it will be harder for fraudsters to use your identity, without you being notified about it. This way, you can easily trace the location of the fraudster and let the authorities catch them.

Fraud alerts are definitely something you must enable, when the situation permits you to do so. They will come in handy, for sure. Even if alerts are enabled, you still need to be careful, when using your credit card.Make sure that nobody else knows about it, not even your best friend.