Whenever a person encounters or experiences Internet fraud, they need to take the necessary steps when it comes to making a fraud report. A person should file a report when they fall victim to a scam, because if they don’t do anything to stop it, these crooks will just keep on doing the same thing repeatedly to other poor, unsuspecting individuals.

Since more and more people are now using the Internet for many different things, like sharing photos, to online banking, and purchasing goods, it’s not really surprising that these consumers are always required to learn how to deal with being involved in an Internet fraud. Statistics have shown that the possibility of encountering or even becoming the latest victim of a cybercriminal is higher than one would think.

There are several companies in the USA who have dedicated their time to helping the victims of Internet fraud. Just because these crimes are committed online doesn’t mean that it’s not really that big of a deal – Here are a couple of these online agencies that can help victims file a fraud report if needed.

US Agencies That Assist in the Filing of Fraud Report

  • The Internet Crime Complaint Center – Also known as the IC3, this organization is a joint effort between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center, and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The main objective of the IC3 is to receive, develop, and refer criminal complaints that deal with any form of cyber crime. Victims of fraud and scamming can file a complaint to the IC3, and the IC3 will give them helpful tips to avoid cybercrime, and Internet crime schemes.

The IC3 is always willing to receive complaints that come from either a third party, or from the victims themselves. The more detailed the complaint is, the quicker the process will be for solving the crime. So it’s important for people to give these helpful pieces of information when they plan to file a fraud report:

  • The victim’s name, address, email, or telephone number
  • Details of their financial transaction. This could mean the victim’s account info, the date of their transaction, as well as who obtained the money.
  • The subject’s name, address, telephone number, Website, IP address, and email address.
  • Details about the cyber fraud.
  • Email headers
  • Other information that the complainant feels necessary to include in the email.

The USA Government’s official page regarding Internet Fraud is a good place for people to report any form of cyber crime, including phishing attacks, consumer complaints about Internet marketing, investment fraud, and scamming emails. This Website will then redirect them to the right agency who can deal with each type of crime. The USA Government’s official Website is an interagency product opened by the Federal Citizen Information, which is a small division of the US General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service. In here, people can make fraud reports when they become fraud victims or when they notice some suspicious activity going on in the Internet.